Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Missing, presumed gone.

Sad news this morning, Obo, who is currently on self imposed suspension at best or complete retirement at worst, has reported on Facebook that Anna Raccoon has decided to cease blogging and has taken her excellent blog down.

A real shame, Anna and her cohort were superb, I devoured every article that appeared on there. Blogging at its absolute best, and she got results. She's a sad loss. One can't help wondering if her dealings with the big hitters of the MSM over the Sheila Martin/Sandwell Council affair have led to the big nationals trying to exact some measure of revenge against her. I hope not.

Anna, you'll be sorely missed, and I tip my hat to you.


Petr said...

A shame indeed. Anna did so much good in so many ways. She made us laugh, she made us think, she drove us to action in good causes, and sometimes she made me cry. And to leave without saying goodbye raises the question that there may be something else behind her decision. I do hope not.

Joe Public said...

Sainsbury's p1ssed off Obo, so he couldn't resist a posting today.