Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The One That Is Tired. . .

I'm beyond anger now. The flames of rage have burned themselves out, all that remains are the smouldering ashes.

I'm tired of the lies, I'm tired of the double standards, I'm tired of the burying of evidence, I'm tired of the whole bloody lot.

It used to be the lies that annoyed me most. I used to be incredulous that we would be expected to swallow the rubbish that was spooned our way. It wasn't just the lie, it was the fact that we were held in such low esteem that we were honestly expected to believe them. And if we didn't believe the lies, we were expected to believe the lies that they told to cover up the lies. And now they are such stupid lies, such inconsequential little lies.

I'm talking about David Wright's Twitter-bollocks. I can only work on the balance of probability. Is it probable that a Labour whip who has used the term in the past would refer to the Tories as being 'scum-sucking'? Yes, it is eminently probable. Let's face it, the Tories are jumping up and down about it, but I'm sure we've all been called worse.

Jesus, they're so bloody precious, aren't they? It doesn't make it right or acceptable, but it isn't exactly invading Poland, is it?

The whole thing would have disappeared if he'd said 'Yeah, I done it. I'm naughty, but they're naughtier, so boo sucks.'

But no, he then tries to tell us that he has the been the victim of a terrible crime, someone has altered his twitter post.

But ho, ho, ho. What's this? Guido points out that once a tweet is out there, it is unalterable. A stupid, pathetic little lie, and we're supposed to trust these people on the big stuff when they lie about stupid little non-stories like this?

Look, you foetid little arse-boil, insult the Tories all you like, but don't insult my fucking intelligence.

And just like that the rage is gone, like a magnesium ribbon passed through the flame of a bunsen.

It is replaced with the determination that I will see these people out of a job for a long, long time if it is the last thing I do. They are pathetic. They are beneath my contempt. They shall pay.

But it isn't the just the lies. It is the shameless feathering of nests, stealing, bending rules, unequal application of rules and naked self interest.

Once again, I can only work on the balance of probability. Is it probable, given her mania about all women shortlists, that Harridan Harperson was unable to attend a meeting to force her agenda upon one of the safest Labour seats in the country? No, not really. Perhaps it is just about credible, she is after all the deputy PM and so really is probably very busy. But then she's been able to implement this in other seats, so her job obviously doesn't trump her personal 'equality' agenda all the time, does it?

What destroys that credibility is when you realise that her husband is now in the frame for that seat.

How fucking stupid do you think we are? That's another one logged, Harriet, another entry in the Labour debit column. But hell, it's your party, not mine. But how many will look at this shameless example of nepotism and think to themselves on the big day, 'You know what? No, I don't think I will vote Labour this time'?

Neither of these are enough to lose an election, but it is a drip-drip effect, and each little lie, each little episode of troughing, each little case of self-interest turns more and more people off. Each one will cost you ten, a hundred, a thousand votes. Add them all together and you get tens of thousands of votes, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions.

You think we won't notice, you think that because it isn't splashed across the newspapers it won't really matter. But it does matter and we do notice, and you will pay.

Then you know what? The Tories will do just the same, and the cycle will repeat, as it has done for generations, until one time, the electorate say 'no more'. It doesn't have to be violent, or angry, or desperate, it just takes a quiet, steely determination that we have had quite enough of this now.

It won't happen this time, but it might just happen the time after.

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