Friday, 5 February 2010

The One That Is Abso-bloody-lutley Delighted. . .

Four out of six ain't bad.

Scared are we?

Theft, false accounting, 2 charges Elliot Morley MP.

Theft, false accounting, 3 charges David Chaytor MP.

Theft, false accounting 2 charges Jim Devine MP.

Theft, false accounting, 6 charges Lord Hanningfield.

Lord Clarke of Hampstead gets off.

One case still under consideration.

Let the games begin. Perhaps we can hire the O2 and hold the trials in there?

1 comment:

John R said...

Excellent thought - this could really be Hatty Harm-Man's Court of Public Opinon!!

Maybe we can do the old Roman circus thumbs up/down thing to decide who gets the chop, pour encourager les autres?