Sunday, 28 February 2010

The One That Is Mightily Impressed. . .

You've got to hand it to Cameron, he certainly doesn't hang about and seems to have a new record. He's lost the job of PM before he's even got the job, if today's polls are to be believed. That must be the shortest government in history.

I'm delighted. I've no desire to see a Labour government returned again, I certainly won't be voting for them in an Obo style, but the idea of a Tory administration doesn't have me wanting to march up and down the street singing 'Happy Days Are Here Again' either.

And either is the important word here. Perhaps people are waking up to the fact that you don't have to have either Labour or Conservative governments. There are alternatives. I don't know how much people know about those alternatives. Perhaps the opinion polls are reflecting the fact that people know who they will not be voting for, not who they will be voting for.

It is interesting to see that throughout all this to-ing and fro-ing that the Limp Dims have still made no headway.

What does this say about the three main parties? People don't want Labour to win, because they are so arse-clenchingly awful, but nor do they want to see a blue or yellow tie sat in the big chair. I'd fancy Idi Amin or Robert Mugabe to give Brown a run for his money at this coming election and yet, amazingly, Call Me Dave and Ned Clarke (or whatever his name is) cannot get the job done.

This is akin to not being able to beat a 4 year old at arm-wrestling. It is pathetic.

No doubt the campaigners are sat around focusing on presentation, spin, media training, focus groups, posters and leafelets, but that's a waste of money. The reason the polls are flat-lining are because there is no significant difference between them. The menu is offering spam and eggs or spam and chips or spam and beans. But we don't like spam, we're going to start ordering off menu.

Let's see if Labour can make a minority government work. That'll be a right giggle. It's not this one coming up that counts, it's the election after. The penny is really starting to drop about the big three.

I think the polls may be slightly misleading on this occasion. Polling day will see fear about daring to vote for the little boys, it's like you're doing something naughty, so conditioned are we to think that to vote other than LibLabCon is a criminal waste, but after a term (and there's no way in the world that a minority government of any colour will last a full term) of disastrous, hubristic, unthinking and uncaring minority rule, that fear will disappear.

The rage isn't coming at the polls this election, it's just slightly miffedness, the real anger will come next when it becomes widely apparent that the big three couldn't give a flying fuck about this country, about me or about you. People are realising that all they want is power, and for you to know your place.


John R said...

Dead right.

From a Conservative viewpoint the problem is that CallMeDave isnt actually conservative. What he keeps telling us is that he's not the nasty party, he's not in favour of small government, he's not going to let us vote on Europe, he's not going to cut NHS waste, he's not going to cut taxes generally, he's not going to keep thugs locked up, he's not going to get rid of CCTV cameras or the DNA database or the anti-freedom laws or CRB over-use, he's not going to depoliticise the police, he's not going to let local folk make any meaningful decisions, he's not going to stop the benefits lifestyle, he's not going to reverse the defence run-down, he's not going to sort out the English democratic deficit or the Barnett formula etc etc.

In other words it's BluLieBore or NuLieBore-Lite or whatever.....but it's not conservative.

So the more he tells us about these magnificent polices, the more the voters understand them, the more they move away. Why wouldn't they? After all, voters arent stupid, if you get the same thing whoever you vote for, then why change the habits of a life time?

So after 13 years of rule by a lying snake-oil salesman and a bullying psycho the lead is now down to 2%.

Well done, Dave.

Anonymous said...

They're all singing from the globalist hymn sheet, which is where these policies come from. That's why the policies are indistinguishable, save for the window dressing.

Should they deviate from the tune, they might find themselves compromised via some 'leak' as to skeletons in their closets.

The EU is just one piece (or region, if you will) in the world government plan that has been underway for decades or more.

That's not a conspiracy theory - the plans are hidden in plain sight on the UN's, EU's, WTO's, WHO's (etc.) websites. Speeches from Van Rompuy, Solano, Pascale Lamy, etc., all unequivocally state this.

I've a few such videos on my blog, under NWO.

paulo said...

Spot on. That's my take too.

Won't there be some fun and games the next two years after this election? As Willy Hague put it:

"wouldn't miss it for the world."