Monday, 14 December 2009

The One That Is Saying 'Oh No It Isn't!'. . .

I love this time of year, and I love panto.

Oh, no, hang on. That's not true. I hate panto.

Anyhow, here is a clip of Al Gore telling anyone who cares to listen that the arctic polar ice caps will disappear within 5 years.

No, it isn't at Copenhagen, it's at the opening of a dinosaur park (????) in Germany and was posted on 13th December 2008.

Today is 14th December 2009 and Sky News are reporting on TV (not yet on website) that Gore has told Copenhagen that there is a 70% chance that the arctic ice caps could disappear in the summer period within the next 5 to 7 years. There's a weasely little argument. There's a chance that something might happen, over some vague period of time. No evidence, no debate, an assertation. It can not be proved or disproved, except with hindsight, but you'll just keep resetting the clock, won't you?

Tell me Al, is this 5 years from today, or is it really 4 years? Will you say the same thing with the same time scale this time next year, and the year after that? Will you still be saying this in 2020? Why do you say this in the run up to Christmas every year? Presents to buy? What is the size of the arctic ice now, as compared to the previous ten years, say? (I don't know the answer, I haven't checked)

If the news is accurate, it would seem that the developing nations in Africa have spat the dummy and walked out. Is it because of their burning desire to see Gaia saved? Or is it that they can make a huge pile of aid cash out of this, most of which will end up in Swiss numbered bank accounts?

Assuming this walk out means that Copenhagen is a dead duck (expect China, India and the Saudis to say 'Oh, what's the point?') and no deal is in the offing, what will you say in 2014, 2015 and 2016 when August comes and the arctic ice caps are still very much there, Al? Indeed what will you say if the summer coverage has actually increased?

You run the risk of making some people very angry, and an electric car is no good for running away from baying mobs with sets of gallows on wheels.

Oh, what am I thinking? You won't have an electric car, will you Al? You're far too important for that, you are doing the work of the Great Green God, like the leader of some wierd cult, your needs are paramount. It's only little people that are killing the planet.

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