Thursday, 10 December 2009

The One That Is Asking 'What Is WRONG With These People?'. . .

I was scrolling through BBC teletext this evening. I don't have a screen capture of it, but thankfully it is reproduced to a lesser extent on their website.

The first story on the news page (101) on BBC teletext is entirely predictable:

Darling 'must cut £36bn', IFS think tank says.

Fair enough.

Scroll to page two and the top story says:

UK to have dedicated space agency.

Errrrrrm. Guys? Hello? HELLO! Anyone home?

For crying out loud. . .


Leg-iron said...

It'll be done the British way. On the cheap.

First you need a really, really big elastic band. Then you need a couple of idiots (no shortage there) and a wheelie bin they can both fit into.

Aim at Jupiter and... boing.

Enough attempts and that benefits bill will just fade away.

At least, I hope that's what they're thinking.

sickofit said...

We've already got one but it's been outsourced to India courtesy of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office get out of poverty subsidy.
We've even given them enough cash to construct their own nuclear powered subs!
Do keep up.

The Refuser said...

Today I have read that Broon is giving away an additional £1.5 billion we don't have to the turd world. The fucker is off his trolly.