Thursday, 4 December 2008

The One That Says This Is What Happens. . .

Thankfully the repulsive Karen Matthews and her partner in crime Michael Donovan have been found guilty of kidnap, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice. Hopefully it will be some considerable time until these two thoroughly unattractive individuals see the light of day again.

Karen Matthews is 33 years old and has seven children by five different fathers.

It may make me seem old-fashioned, but I find that statistic to be a little startling.

An amazing five people have looked at this skank and decided that it was a good idea to go to bed with her. Indeed, two of them did it at least twice. Remarkable.

I don't know what she did for a living. I bet I can hazard a guess though. I bet she did absolutely fuck all. I bet we paid for her upkeep, for her kids' upkeep, for her house, for her sky tv, for her alchopops, for her fags, for her takeaway dinners, the whole bloody shooting match.

We live in a society where children are turned from sentient beings into a commodity. Have a kid? Have some cash!

So is it any surprise when this woman decides we aren't paying her enough to look after her rag-tag band of offspring and so decided to embark on a campaign where she kept her daughter drugged, subdued and hidden from the public so they could claim £50,000 in reward money?

This is what happens when children become an asset rather than a part of a proper relationship.


poshbird said...

I am so relieved that at last someone has been brought to book for abusing not only her own chld but the system. How her neighbours and all the police and various officials feel having had this waste of space pull the wool over their eyes for over a month I can only imagine.
Her crocodile tears before discovery of Shannon and since fool no one now and I hope that she gets what she deserves.
What kind of society do we have when he can have such evil people living amongst us under the clock of being a so called parent. With the recent press about baby P, the man in Yorkshire that had various children resulting from the rape of his children it yet again begs the question where are the people who are supposed to protect the innocent? Mostly passing the buck I find.
How ironic that good people who yearn for the opportunity to have a child naturally have to be thoroughly scrutinised, quite rightly, before being considered for being put on a list to adopt a child whereas these people are having kids all over the place by various men. I suppose that is what is called 'diverse' now its it? Its all wrong

The Refuser said...

She looks like my former next door neighbour. There must be a maggot mold somewhere. Or are they cloned now? Truly double bagger. Or as Sir Les would have it a face like a half sucked mango.