Saturday, 27 December 2008

The One That Is Cold, Angry and also Delighted. . .

Snowolf ventured to the pitchside this afternoon to see his beloved green and whites beat their closest rivals 1-0, and no, I'm not talking about the Old Firm clash north of the border.

It was bloody freezing, my tonsils are the size of beachballs, my head feels like there's a Frenchman living in it and I've got a cold coming on. No matter, we won and I'm delighted.

So I'm not going to get this outrageous peice of cockwaffle from the BBC get me down too much, but I cannot let it pass.

I like Vaclav Klaus, mainly because he's not afraid of standing up for himself and his country. This means the EU despises him and have already reacted in an amusing fashion after he made a bee-line for Irish 'No' campaigner, Declan Ganley.

Klaus is one of a number of post-Soviet bloc presidents who remembers only too well what life was like under the hammer and sickle. He's hardly likely to romp towards the (Western Soviet) European Union with open arms, is he?

According to Al-Beeb;
But Mr Klaus likes to think of his life as a kind of constant dissidence against what he sees as the erroneous views of the majority.
Erroneous views of the majority? Who claims that? Does he claim the views of the majority are erroneous? Is he not, after all, President, democratically elected by the good people of the Czech Republic? Only the second person to hold that democratically tag since the end of the war? He's not going to say that the majority of those who voted are erroneous, they voted for him.

No, what Chris Bowlby of Radio 4 wants us to believe is that the majority of people in the EU are pro-EU. Well that's bullshit, would that we had the chance to put it to the test.

I'm not suggesting that the majority of people are anti-EU, that would be naive, most people couldn't give a pair of Dingo's kidneys, that is the big problem. However, I think it's changing.

That scares tosspots like Bowlby, Barroso the Maoist and the all the other closet Communists in Brussles witless. More power to your arm Vaclav, finally, an EU President I would readily vote for.


The Refuser said...

Their arrogance knows no bounds it seems.

Kippers Dickie said...

"....would that we had the chance to put it to the test."
We do.
We do.
In June 2009 there is an eu election.
We need the whole country to NOT
vote for lib/lab/con.
Any vote, except for the above,
would get the message across.

Snowolf said...

Point taken, Kippers, but I'd rather be able to have a vote on taking me ball home instead of a vote between having the fat kid with BO or the skinny kid with spots in my team.