Saturday, 13 December 2008

The One That Is Deeply, Deeply Ashamed. . .

This is Colour Sergeant Dura from the 2nd Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles. He died on active service in the 'stan on November 15th.

I've blogged a couple of times about the Gurkhas and the boundless respect and admiration I have for them having encountered serving and former soldiers on an almost daily basis. If the population of this country could absorb the qualities of these dignified men then we'd be in much better shape.

The story has been covered all over the blogosphere, with Obo, DK, The Refuser and countless others. The Real Machiavelli puts it very well indeed, the crux being:

C. Sgt Dura, 36, leaves two daughters and a wife. He had served in the British Army since 1992.

But the purpose of this article is not to recount his years of selfless service, nor to sing the praises of his heroism in Afghanistan. It is to draw attention to the most appallingly callous, bureaucratically pig-headed mindset Machiavelli has so far encountered. Because the Home Office is currently threatening to deport the wife and two little children of C. Sgt Dura.

Machiavelli is disgusted to learn that this Government thinks so little of C. Sgt Dura's sacrifice that their first instinct is to weild the full weight of the immigration system against his wife and children.
Colour Sergeant Dura lived in Canterbury, my home town. The Regiment are based at Shorncliffe, only about 15 miles from Canterbury and there are many Gurkhas in the town. My MP, Julian Brazier has spoken out about this, but for all the good it will do I'll be dropping him a line to give him my thoughts on this peverse and offensive situation.

Offensive, like 'hero' are words that are banded about with all too much regularity these days here they are used in their proper sense. It makes me deeply, deeply ashamed of my country.

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The Refuser said...

It is shameful indeed. As George Orwell put it "we sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm"
Yet we treat the soldiers and their families who safeguard us in such a shabby manner. I see now ZaNuLabour want to postpone (indefinitely I imagine) the two new carriers, yet it's full steam ahead on the ID cards nonsense.

I have always had a visceral loathing of Labour. In the 70's they cut the armed forces at every opportunity. It was Denis Healey who shafted the navy and decided they didn't require a proper aircraft carrier that could carry fixed wing aircraft. The result was the through deck cruiser which could only carry Harriers.

Healey to his credit had witnessed first hand the horror of war so it's understandable that he preferred to limit military funding. Geoff Hoon on the other hand. Well my view of this maggot is unprintable.

Why does this matter and should we pay more of our GDP towards defence than countries like Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria? I don't know. What I would like to consider is how the world would have turned out in 1933 if we had the Internet. Maybe I am just being too paranoid, but I fear the world is about to unravel and we will end up having to spend a lot more in the long run.