Monday, 22 September 2008

The One That Says 'You Are Beneath Contempt. Be Silent'. . .

Interesting to see today that Unite and Amicus, two enormous trade unions, alluding to the fact that Labour have seemingly abandoned their constituency.

Here's a newsflash, Labour no more represent your members interests than the organising committee of the Eurovision Song Contest. Labour must be incredulous that you persist in giving them money. Jesus, they've even started taking money from big business in case you cotton on to this fact. What's going to happen when one body that donates to the party demands a return on their cash that is diametrically opposed to the wishes of the other? It is a disaster waiting to happen.

When Brown bangs on about 'hard working British families' (a phrase that Al-Beeb seems to regurgitate with sickening glee) he doesn't actually give a damn. Labour don't want hard working families. People that tend to work hard, especially if they do it with any thought, tend to succeed and better themselves. That is the last thing that Labour want.

This government want you to be beholden to them for everything. Because if you rely on them to keep you in housing, food, education, healthcare, anything, you are unlikely to act as a turkey voting for Xmas and putting an 'X' against anybody else's name. If you work hard and succeed, you will be penalised for it.

How dare you? How fucking dare you decide to do something for yourself? These people know what is best for you, you ungrateful snivelling little irrelevance, you are beneath contempt. Be silent.

I'm not a huge lover of the unions. I think they do have an important role to play in ensuring that employers do the right thing by their staff. Unfortunately just as much effort is wasted on the protection of the feckless, lazy, something for nothings as is spent on looking out for those who are decent employees and have been shat upon. All this calling of delegates 'Brothers and Sisters'. Give me a break. It is one step away from linking arms and marching on, hammers and sickles brandished in a display of workers' unity. You're being played old chum, ask the bloody workers how much power they had in the USSR and their associated satelites.

Anyhow, I digress, the glorious irony of Labour's policy of making people reliant upon them, is that the class of people who are most reliant couldn't give a toss about politics and don't turn out to vote. The people you are milking dry do turn out to vote, and boy have you pissed them off.

I am enjoying enormously watching this house built on a foundation of self-righteous hubris come tumbling down. Do keep it up. I could do with a laugh.

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