Monday, 22 September 2008

The One That Is Apologising For His Absence. . .

I've been kind of quiet recently, this has been down to two main reasons; firstly, when you factor out financial meltdown and the governing party ripping themselves apart whilst not ripping themselves apart, not much has been going on to comment about, secondly, I've been very, very busy and have just been elected Chair of an organisation which I hold very dear to my heart. In an interesting experiment with a democratic organisation, I've set my stall out to run it on Libertarian lines.

So busy have I been that I've even forgotten the starting XI for my Juventus team in Football Manager, it's been that long since I played it, and this is a diversion I spend an indecent amount of time in.

Anyhow, back to business. . .

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Anonymous said...

Humble pie well and truly eaten, it appears we may have more common ground than first realised.

I too amd a FM junkie. I spend most weeks working away from home and as telly on the continent is generally just as shit as at home, I while away the evenings playing FM. In fact, the very first football sim I ever bought was the one that was done for the ZX Spectrum.

Generally I start off as Manchester City manager but usually get fed up after about 4 seasons of being there or thereabouts but not winning anything. My most successful career has been as manager of Club Bruges for 4 seasons before being appointed manager of Arsenal. I findin it harder managing a club with which I have no affinity but still cannot bring myself to take on jobs at clubs I absolutely loathe - Wolves, Wigan and ManU.

Can't wait for FM2009.