Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The One That Says 'About Bloody Time Too. . .'

Sometimes, just somtimes, the establishment gets things right. Too often I moan that the courts uphold the 'rights' of the scummiest little turds in direct opposition to the Rights (note capital letter) and interests of the majority.

Today however, they got it right.

A group of retired Gurkhas have won their test case to earn the right to live in the UK.

There are nine living holders of the VC, and three of them are Gurkhas. Does anything more need to be said about the calibre of these people? Of course I will say a little more, the fact that they have fought this battle, as they fight all battles, with dignity, honour and not a peep of a whinge just goes to reinforce this. For them to serve this country, to be one of the finest body of men in the world and then to be ignored by this country is nothing short of a disgrace. I hope the Home Office is suitably shame-faced and will not appeal the case.

They will appeal it, of course, because senior civil servants and politicians hate nothing more than a loss of face. So they'll drag it out in the hope that a few more pop their clogs during the wait.

Meanwhile British passports will be handed out like golf sale flyers to any Albanian gangster who cares to extort, murder and pimp his way around our green and pleasant land.
The Refuser makes some interesting comments on a not unrelated point.


Old Holborn said...

We should roll out a fucking carpet, after flying them here first class on the Queens Flight.

We should throw some Somalis back to Shitistan, renovate their properties and let them live here, rent free, forever.

Anonymous said...

We also need an explanation of why this government kept the Gurkhas out, why they are still keeping Iraqi interpreters out, and why they have been happy to let in child traffickers, drug dealers and prostitution pimps along with the rest of the world's worthless.

And we need to keep asking, especially as the next election draws near.