Thursday, 25 September 2008

The One That Feels Sorry For Ruth Kelly's Family. . .

I mean, fancy having her hanging around the house, speaking in that voice that makes her sound like a growth hormone ridden East German shot-putter.

Needing to spend more time with your family? I don't know which is more disturbing, the fact that one of these ZNL fucktards has admitted that they can't get the job done and needs to step down, or that they think they've completed the task and are now settling down for a well earned rest.

Probably neither, the most likely explanation is that at least one of these delusional idiotarians has got their head of their backside for long enough to realise that their majority is nowhere near as big as they thought it was and they'd best get some job hunting done pronto.

Isn't it weird that only the day before you dropped your bombshell (the shot that was heard around the . . . room?) you were telling the media they were all idiotic ninnies for daring to suggest you were about to bail out? But that lie is OK, is it? Apparently you told Gordon you were off in May, so why, when pressed on the subject did you stand there and tell a bold faced lie? If you lie about that, how do you expect anyone to believe anything you and your disgusting little clan ever say again?

Election night when it comes promises to be an elephant hunt with a good deal of political 'heavyweights' seeking alternate employment. What is even more bizarre is the fact that I have absolutely no doubt that they'll jog into a position that is heavy on wages and light on work inspite of a track-record of not listening to anything anyone has said, crass stupidity and miserable and complete failure.

Just in case they haven't got the message yet: It's done. Over. Finished. You've had it. You now have the life expectancy of a Brazilian entering a tube station.

The only decision you have left is whether you peel the sticking plaster off slowly, or rip it off. Whichever way, I shall sit back and watch your pain and discomfort with great enjoyment. The only problem is that the bunch who will replace you will quickly prove to be as odious and objectionable as you.

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Old Holborn said...

Fuck the Bitch

Her God will sort her out. We only get 70 years of life and she CHOSE to fuck up the lives of millions.

The sooner the Boy Kelly gets face cancer, the better.

(yes, I'm angry. She should be hanging from a fucking lampost, not waltzing off on full pension)