Sunday, 17 April 2011

The cracks widen . . .

I've always indulged my Trek geek side and drawn comparisons between the EU and Ceti Alpha V. Ceti Alpha V is a planet, which through an ingenious plot device, becomes exposed to the 'Genesis Device', a missile which is used in terraforming a planet, making it inhabitable in a very short period.

The problem being that as it whips an inhabitable ecosystem up in double quick time, shortcuts were taken and the planet disintegrates in double quick time. The moral of the story being that things like this cannot just be thrown together, there has to be a natural evolution and the imposition of man's will will lead to things falling apart.

The EU is the Genesis Device to the physical continent of Europe. We're seeing an artificially constructed economy fall apart at the seams, like tectonic plates forced together ripping themselves apart to follow the course that the physics of the planet intended.

Now we see two of the old apex predators, shoehorned into the new ecosystem turn on each other. France has effectively closed the border with Italy, furious that Italy has acted like a good European country by laying out the welcome mat for anyone who cares to turn up on the doorstep. Italy has been perfectly happy to dole out temporary residence permits, secure in the knowledge that the Francophone and Francophile Tunisians will head for France as quick as their legs will carry them. Poor France, they never asked for this, and they'd certainly never turn a blind eye at a press of humanity trying to cross their border to another member state, would they?

If you listen to the EU mandarins, the nation state is dead. France obviously doesn't think so. Nor do the people of Finland, who look like acting in the manner of a glacier and sweeping all before them. The parties who have had the country sewn up for so many years don't seem to like it one bit, but then that is the default setting of the Europolitician, the electorate's job is to vote them in, keep quiet and be thankful for anything they are lucky enough to get. Looks like the Finns have had enough of this, and if their wishes are not listened to this time round, well, the main EU poodle parties are just delaying the inevitable.

No doubt the BBC and other EU and publicly funded media outlets will decry them as fascists and nationalists, following the good old example that Uncle Joe set out, they'll try to scare us with tales of the bogeyman, without realising that the vision they promote of a 21st Century Europe is far, far scarier than anything UKIP or True Finns could ever be or do. The further east you go, the fresher the memories are.

We've no doubt seen a good portion of the public of Iceland look at their recent referendum on whether they should allow themselves to be mugged by the UK and the Netherlands with one eye on their application to join the EU, and I've heard whispers that the Croats are re-evaluating their position on joining as well.

The political continent is starting to tear itself apart. The apparatchiks can stamp their feet as much as they like, but European history tells us that there is a tipping point. Whether it is Cromwell, the storming of the Bastille or the Winter Palace, the stringing up of Mussolini or the overthrow of Ceaușescu, once that tipping point is reached, you can do nothing about it. It is true to say that what replaces that which went before may not be better, and may even be worse, but that is the danger with revolutions, it does not invalidate the lack of credibility of the regime which came before.

In his quarters aboard the Enterprise, Spock had a painting of a scene from ancient human mythology - the explusion from Eden. It was there to serve as a reminder that all things end.


Sue said...

I'm a trekkie too:) I often think the EU are the like the Borg.

They eventually fail in their hive mind endeavours because of individualism and the right of free thought.

William said...

Oh for a Locutus!

Angry Exile said...

Like the STWoK analogy but I must out geek you: surely Ceti Alpha V was where Khan was left back in the 1960s before Chekov was in it, and the Genesis planet was mostly formed from the nebula Enterprise and Reliant were fighting in? And if anything that's even more like the EU in that the materials being used probably weren't appropriate for what was intended in the first place.


Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Snowolf said...

Now I'm going to have to go and watch the film again, again, again, again, again, again, etc.

Was it the nebula or Ceti Alpha V?

Is this the Libertarian answer to the old angels dancing on the head of a pin question?

Kryten 2X4B 523P said...

The Genesis Planet was a planet located in the Mutara sector that was created from gaseous matter in the Mutara Nebula and the hull of the USS Reliant following the detonation of the Genesis Device. The detonation occurred at the conclusion of a fierce battle between Khan Noonien Singh and Admiral James T. Kirk in 2285. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

courtesy of :

Good analogy nonetheless, and thanks for an informative blog.

Snowolf said...

Thanks, Kryten. That's settled that.

Look at us here, discussing the circumstances surrounding the creation of a new, but flawed planet. Do you see the big three doing that? Do you?

No. They're discussing forests and badgers and stuff like that, it's like they're in the 14th century still.

However, I am concerned that we have just over 200 years to meet that level of technology and the signs aren't encouraging. I think back to Back to the Future II, where Marty and the Doc go to 2015. This is but four years hence, and there's no sign of hovercars powered by cold fusion reactors and self drying clothes yet.

We need to get moving and stop banging on about forests and badgers.

I'm going for a lie down.