Thursday, 14 April 2011

Well, that's that then.

The more eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that all references to the Libertarian Party have been removed from the blogroll and little clicky bits. Why?

Here's why.

I've only met Anna in passing the once, but she's had to put up with a whole barrow load of shit. I trust her more than many people for one simple reason; she never asks for anything.

Draw your own conclusions.


Petr said...

Tagged, among others, I see, as "sadness". I second that.
Anna Raccoon is one of the best people in the blogosphere. To think that she has been ripped off in this fashion is truly dreadful. I'm still trying to come to terms with her post before I add a comment on her site (99 of them so far).

David said...

I think your attitude is shared by 99 percent of the people I've read today Snowolf. Andrew Withers hasn't even managed a reply of any sort, let alone a rebuttal.

It's sad that so many of the most vocal proponents of classical-liberalism/libetarianism will have nothing to do with our natural home, but what else can we do?

Richard said...

No-one knows anyone on the internet, unless they have met them in person. And there is always two sides to any argument, and we haven't heard the other side.

That said, I judge people on what they do and how they deal with me, and I can say that, on the small number of occasions that I have had contact with Anna, she has been kind, helpful and supportive. Unless and until I see compelling evidence otherwise, I believe her account. The behaviour of some of the protagonists in the story is disgraceful.

Snowolf said...

I keep trying to think what Anna would have to gain from throwing this particular hand grenade into the room.

As far as I know she has no desire to lead a political party, so it isn't naked ambition.

She's not one for ego, as we saw with the Nick Hogan affair, as far as I'm aware she did the running, but was quite happy for Old Holborn to be the public face of the story. No criticism of OH, he has a flair for the dramatic and made the story bigger.

Could this possibly be an attack of good old-fashioned altruism? Is it just that she doesn't want other people to go through what she claims to have been through?

Seems like the most credible answer to me. It'll take something pretty explosive to make me doubt her account of what has gone on.

Richard said...

I don't see any agenda to the post, beyond saying 'enough is enough'. If all that had happened to me, I would want to let the world know as well.

Trooper Thompson said...


well, there are already more ex-members than members!