Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The One That Is Looking For The Pound. . .

A few little farty about things tonight.

Firstly, thanks for the supportive comments in the previous posting. I fear, given the vitriol flying around my workplace and on facebook at the moment, that I am in a small minority.

Secondly, it would appear that the BBC have lost the pound. I know it’s worthless now, but even so, you can stick your euro up your arse. I fail to see the point of converting one currency we don’t use into another we don’t use, they might as well have quoted the amount in Bolivars.

A US television producer has pleaded guilty to attempting to blackmail US chat show host David Letterman over his sexual affairs.

Robert Halderman was charged after threatening to reveal all unless paid $2m (1.47m euros).
How odd.

Whilst we’re using the BBC as a source, what in the blue hell is this?

The UK has donated £1m ($1.5m) to South Africa to buy condoms in a bid to combat HIV and Aids, as the nation builds up to the football World Cup.

In other words, ‘Taxpayer gives a million quid to the South Africans so they can give visiting fans for the world cup the green light to screw pox and HIV ridden whores.’

Well, I suppose it’s supporting private enterprise. I wonder why they've not quoted that amount in Rand? (About 11 Million).

Meanwhile in the Garden of England:

A professional gambler has been found guilty of running a £34m pyramid scam that targeted people on low incomes.

At least 8,000 peopled "invested" a minimum of £1,000 into the scam, with a guarantee that within two years they would get a return of five times their initial outlay.

And how would he return the investment?

Kevin Foster promised high returns on a number of gambling and network marketing schemes.

So, in effect, you give him a thousand quid, and he’d go down the bookie and pick the horse. No doubt he’s a naughty man, but a fool and his money. . .

Oh yeah, £34 million quid, that comes in at around 433,093,417,303 Lao Kip. Just in case you're interested.

In Ankara, the Turkish PM has been putting ideas into the head of Cameron and Brown.

Indeed, it’s probably best to avoid the whole subject of cartoons and Ireland at the moment.

There's obviously something very hurtful about satire, especially if you are a self-important politician, or protecting God and his prophet(s). I always thought that one of God's most defining qualities was his omnipotence. Let's face it, if he can make his lad turn up in a jar of marmite, then surely smiting a cartoonist or two is a walk in the park? I'd leave him to get on with it, if I were them.

People might think I'm nuts, but I like to think it's Jesus looking out for us.

Yes, I think you're nuts. It looks like he's trying to hide from you, not look out for you.

Situation normal, we're surrounded by cretins, shysters, mentalists and simpletons.

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