Friday, 12 March 2010

The One That Is Completely Underwhelmed. . .

You've got to hand it to the Lib Dems, they really don't have any interest in government at all. It's obviously much easier to sit on the benches collecting the £60k+ with added expenses and espousing bizarre policies, than it is to actually try to win an election.

'Change That Works For You. Building A Fairer Britain'


So they take the Tory slogan, load it into an old 2CV and then drive that 2CV as fast as they can into the Labour slogan.

In a time when people are crying out for a real alternative to the big two, the third constituent of the big three have made it perfectly clear that they will offer no difference from the other two at all. Or at least, this is what that slogan says to me. It may just as well have been 'Lib Dems, we're the same as the other two.'

I expected no more of them, but even by Limp Dim standards this is really, really feeble. Odds of 200/1 that they'll beat the big two seems very mean to me, there's more chance of me being crowned the next Miss World.

Now be a good prole and run along. Go vote for one of the big three, it doesn't matter which, they're all the same.

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Leg-iron said...

The proles round here are starting to break. I've convinced two more smoky-drinkers who like a bag of chips that the people they want to vote for will take all that away from them.

If only I had a Lord Ashcroft, I'd have posters everywhere - 'If you smoke, drink, or like salt on your chips, we hate you. Vote for us and we'll beat you senseless for a laugh.'

I'll only make a small dent in Al the Oily Fish's vote here, but I hope it'll grow into a noticeable dent.

And then I hope rust sets in.