Monday, 30 November 2009

The One That Is Thinking The Unthinkable. . .

Since I posted this morning, Captain Ranty's posting about the changes that will come to pass at midnight tonight have been weighing heavily on my mind.

I come to think about how we can possibly extricate ourselves from the mess we're currently in.

The changes that the Cap'n outlines will not happen overnight, just as with everything we've seen since the Cold War, it will be a drip, drip effect. The end of the Cold War was a bloody big surprise to everyone on both sides of the wall, no-one really saw it coming. Solidarity, Glasnost etc, etc, it was all supposed to be an evolution, not a revolution. A closely controlled PR exercise, the sort of model the Chinese have followed in their reforms. Giving a little ground, a few minor idealogical alterations but making sure that the powers that be are firmly in the driving seat.

The EU will not want scenes that we saw 20 years ago in Berlin and certainly won't want scenes that we saw in Bucharest when the crowd turned. It will be on the statute and will lie dormant, the first few uses will be for minor infractions, the third or fourth charge on the sheet, precedent slipped in under the radar. Our murderers will use stealth and patience, not shock and awe.

It is easy to throw about phrases about the removal of trial by jury, habeas corpus and so forth. But when you stop to consider the cold, hard facts it is chilling in the extreme and it installs in me a sense of despair that this can and will be done to us.

I like bloggers like Constantly Furious, like Old Holborn and Devils Kitchen, their rage is an energy, but I wonder about the focus. I know OH has had issues with UKLP that have resulted in his departure from the party, but I find myself asking what these minority parties are for.

By minority parties, I don't just mean us in UKLP and the English Democrats, but also people like UKIP. UKIP may be knocking on the front door, but they certainly aren't in the hallway yet.

I support LPUK because I feel their policies are the closest to my own personal feelings, but what do I and the party want to achieve? At present we are an irrelevance, not even an annoyance. We are more akin to a pressure group than anything else. That doesn't mean I don't think we can't grow, or that we can't contribute something worthwhile, but that will take time.

Time is a luxury we do not have. I and many others have woken up to the situation far too late. Many continue to slumber and will not wake up until the knock at the door comes in the small hours one morning because of a joke they made at work, or something their child said at school.

We are blindsided with talk of climate change, terrorism, financial meltdown, a nuclear Iran and a myriad of other issues, real in degree and/or of no importance whatsoever. The real threat lies in Brussels in a flag with a blue background and a few golden stars.

This is not just a threat to the UK, but to every nation in Europe, whether members or not. I feel as anxious for the French, Italians, Slovenes, Hungarians and Maltese as I do for us in the UK. I am getting very, very scared.

So, what's the big idea? How do we get out of it?

I think the UK is a very important part of the EU. Not just financially, but we are a litmus. Along with the Danes we are probably the most EUrosceptic nation in the Federation, if it can be got past us, it can be got past anyone.

It doesn't help though, when our politicians stick 'it' up their jumpers and sneak it past us like a 15 year old with some vodka at a school disco. We have to stop this, and we have to get out.

Here's the idea. We may need to work and come to an understanding with people we don't like very much.

LPUK aren't going to do it by themselves.

The English Democrats won't manage it.

Jury Team can't do it.

Scargill's Socialist Labour Party won't win.

The BNP, yes, the BNP, will never get the job done.

UKIP cannot get the seats they need to force the issue.

There are some very different parties there, most with mutually exclusive policies. However there is a common thread running through all these parties. One single policy on which they can all agree - complete withdrawal from the EU.

It's a mad, mad idea. What if, what if these parties named, and others who want to withdraw from the EU, make a statement to the effect that no matter how different their other policies, they all recognise that the EU presents the most serious threat to our way of life, above and beyond any other issue, and that they will unite on a single platform to get power, hold a referendum - and when it is won and we get out - will then call an immediate general election with all the hating, backbiting, sniping and revulsion that we all love so much back on the agenda.

Controversial? Certainly. Unworkable? Probably. But we have to do something. We can't carry on like this, or we'll all be done for.

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Witterings From Witney said...

snowolf, go to The Albion Alliance.

This is a cross-party movement to change the basis on which our MPs are elected in that they must put country before party and also pledge to grant us the referendum that the people want and that the political elite do not want!

Go sign!