Monday, 10 August 2009

The One That Thinks It Is A Bloody Disgrace. . .

I was dumbfounded when I heard news that Hazel Blears' car had been attacked, I'm not entirely clear if she was actually in it at the time or not.

Blears has dismissed it as the work of bored kids with nothing to do on their summer holidays, however if the vox pops on Sky News are representative, they reveal that she is pretty much universally hated in her constituency.

These bloody kids, what a shower. To target a single female MP in such a fashion is pathetic. I'll bet they're all on Facebook, surely it wouldn't have been beyond the wit of some of the more intelligent to co-ordinate a nationwide campaign of MP stonings?

A step in the right direction, but I can only give them an E+, must do much, much better. Why single out one individual when there are around 600 others who could do with the same treatment?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe that someone who only a little while ago wrote a cheque to HMRC for £13500 (ish?) drives a crappy citron picasso!

Call me Infidel said...

Wolfers I can't in all honesty support mindless violence and vandalism. I have no time for the ginger chipmunk but she was elected by the "good people" of Salford. They deserve her quite frankly as a lesson to anyone stupid enough to vote for socialists. In fact anyone who votes Labour deserves their own personal Blears to haunt them.

Ultimately she will get her marching orders in June. I doubt the Brown bottler will call an election before then and I think it likely that she will struggle to get gainful employment after that so she will get her payback.

Snowolf said...

Mindless violence. Certainly I can't support that.

But this showed some thought. It was very targeted, specific violence. Her government and policies have ushered in an authoriatarian, punch, kick and shoot first police force, and the belittling and humiliation of all sections of society.

She asked for it. People have no other way of showing their despair.

I'm sure she was very scared. Now she knows how the rest of us feel. It isn't nice. Might give her some empathy, but I doubt it.