Monday, 3 August 2009

The One That Is Going Suitcase Shopping. . .

People who want to become British citizens could speed it up by becoming active members of political parties and trade unions, under government plans.
Right, I really am now losing the will to live.

Question 1; Am I incorrect in thinking that you couldn’t join a political party if you weren’t eligible to vote?

Question 2: I am correct in the assumption that ‘political parties’ doesn’t mean ALL political parties? I’ll bet it is weighted towards the status quo.

They could also lose points for "bad behaviour" which it has been suggested
could include anti-war demonstrations.

I see, so you’d get a bonus for joining a political party, and being ‘active’ as long as the party you join is or supports the government and their policies. Dissent and you’ll be punished.

I’ll polish off the crystal ball. Demonstrate and lose your citizenship as an immigrant. The next step will be stripping those of indigenous extract of their citizenship, it’s all in the name of national security, and it is better if we’re all unified, don’t you agree?

Be aware that people who disagree want to destroy our ‘freedoms’.

I’m past the point of anger now and am settling into the zone marked ‘despair’. There are one or two projects to tie up, and then toddling off to an as yet undecided embassy or high commission to get a settlement visa away from here is looking more and more likely. I’m not angry or fearful, just very very sad at what we’ve allowed our country to become.

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