Friday, 23 May 2008

The One That Thinks Bob Russell and Julian Lewis had better bloody watch it. . .

So, a small victory for those of us who think that given they are spanking tens of thousands of our cash, MPs perhaps should tell us what they are spending it on.

So we've found out that Tone and Cherie ended up owing the local water company (don't get me started on those bastards) £147 and were on the road to getting cut off. Apparently the letter contained the phrase 'We appreciate you may be experiencing some financial difficulties.' So that explains Cherie's Magnificent Octopus (Blackadder reference). We also know that Tony spent £10k on refurbishing his kitchen in Co. Durham. The mind boggles. Old Two Jags the vomiter also sought guidance on his entitlements on his pad in Admiralty House after 'adverse press coverage.' Perhaps he should have done that before moving in?

Still, Bob Russell, the LimDem member for Colchester has reacted badly to the High Court ruling, tabling a motion that the expenses and home addresses of High Court Judges be released for public scrutiny. What's the matter Bob? As someone who claims to represent the people of your community, don't you think you should account for the cash you get handed? Do we have something to hide? Hmmm?

Julian Lewis, Con MP for New Forest East is equally upset, decrying the release of MPs addresses as 'Barking Mad', it seems he's worried about hate mail (now, why would anyone hate you? What have you been up to?) and 'extremists.'

You'll note an earlier blog entry of mine when I spoke of H&S and 'Security Reasons' being the new totalitarian mantra. The political equivalent of a trump card, the concerns that may never questioned, the most sacred issues.

Here's a newsflash for you chaps, any extremist can get your address off the electoral role. Could it be, just maybe, that you resent the fact that the proles dare ask you to account for yourselves? If the £64k a year you get isn't enough, and you feel you're worth more, why not vote yourself a rise? Oh, the luxury of being able to do that, and still keep the shitloads of wonga you are so obviously deserving of under 'expenses'.

Here's another newsflash, FUCK YOU, fuck you very much, in the ear. If you're taking my cash, you'd better bloody tell me what you're spending it on. Every year we're expected to tell you through the treasury what we're doing with ours, so you can fucking do tell us in return, you grasping, avaricious, arrogant, money grabbing pricks. You know where I live, what I earn, who I call, what internet sites I look at, the list goes on. You want my DNA profile for crying out loud, and you won't even deign to tell us that you've spanked £1500 on kebabs, or whatever.

I hate you, I hate you with a passion you cannot even begin to imagine. If you think for one moment I'm going to go and support your campaign to go and carry on this lifestyle at the next election, you've another thing coming mate. For the cash you're getting, I want to know how often you cut your toenails.


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