Monday, 7 February 2011

Duplicity? No. A bloody lie.

Guido has very kindly coralled all the relevants cuttings over at his gaff, so there's little for me to do but to add my own comments.

August 2009:

“Gordon Brown today broke his silence on the release of the Lockerbie bomber, saying that the UK government had done no deal with Libya and that he was “angry and repulsed” at the scenes of jubilation in Tripoli.”

September 2009 (Gordon Brown): 

“On our part, there was no conspiracy, no cover-up, no double-dealing, no deal on oil, no attempt to instruct Scottish ministers, no private assurances by me to (Libyan leader) Colonel (Muammar) Gaddafi. We were absolutely clear throughout with the Libyans and everyone else that this was a decision for the Scottish government.”

“The former Labour Government did “all it could” to help Libya secure the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Britain’s most senior civil servant is to admit today”

“Policy was, therefore, progressively developed that Her Majesty’s Government should do all it could, while respecting devolved competencies, to facilitate an appeal by the Libyans to the Scottish government for Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi’s release under the Prisoner Transfer Agreement (PTA) or for release on compassionate grounds. Such an approach was understood across all relevant departments.”
There are serious doubts in my mind as to whether al-Megrahi was the perp here. The public were demanding that someone be locked up for it, it was perhaps politically convenient to both the UK and Libyan governments at the time that al-Megrahi should be that man.

But, for the Prime Minister to wilfully mislead the country and the House is unforgivable. Yes, we all know that politicians lie, but there are lies and there are lies. Bugger an inquest, let's just go straight to the prosecutions, shall we?

I'm no lover of the coalition shouting match we have at the moment, but it will be a long, long time until we see a government as deceitful, arrogant, hubristic and contemptible as the one that was thrown out last year. I hope it is equally as long until anyone from the Labour party gets their hands on the lever of power again, and I wish that the last Labour government is just that, the last one.   


Call me Infidel said...

The Sewer Party doing what it does best. Mind you I can't imagine the likes of Sunny Jim Callaghan or Harold Wilson sinking to these levels. Bliar is the chief architect though in my opinion. Brown and Balls were just following his lead.

JuliaM said...

And yet, and yet...

Would Cameron's mob not do exactly the same in their shoes? Remember, the Yvonne Fletcher shooting and subsequent escape of the culprit happened under a Tory government watch.

Snowolf said...

Without doubt.

But. . .

We can only prosecute what we know about. It is my belief that this wilfull lying to the public is malfeasance in public office.

A line must be drawn stating that we will not tolerate this anymore. If the politician in question believes it is in the country's interest to do this, then they must state so, so they can be judged accordingly. They act in our name. If they believe that there is an argument that an action is in the country's interests, but to act in such a fashion would harm them politically then they must suck it up and do it, or dismiss the notion. What they cannot do is act and then lie to us about such act.

This should hold true for any government, be it Labour, Conservative, Libertarian or Monster Raving Looney.

We are not children, and I resent being treated as such.