Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The One That Wants To Know How Anyone Could Be So Stupid. . .

You thought I was talking about this, didn't you?

I'll just leave it at this.


It doesn't matter Gordon, there's always someone who drops a bigger bollock, you just have to know where to look.

Ah, here we go . . .

A lost sailor has had to be rescued after running out of fuel circling a small island when he thought he was sailing around the UK coast.

The Sheerness lifeboat and the Thames Coastguard assisted the man who ran aground off the Elmley Marshes on the Isle of Sheppey on 19 April.

With only a road map for directions, he set off on the river Medway, from Gillingham, and headed for Southampton.

But the RNLI said the man had "ended up travelling round the Isle of Sheppey".

Probably a local, not for nothing is it known around the Garden of England as 'Six Toe Island'.

There you go Gordon, what do you think of his efforts?

Yes, my sentiments exactly.

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The Refuser said...

The first "apology" on R2 was a joke. He made no apology he just attempted to blame it all on the media. When he next appeared outside Mrs. Duffey's house grinning like a loon it was dreadful. The man is not mentally well.

This incident gives us, and more pertinently the public at large, an insight into the real Brown psyche. I have long believed that Brown is a bullying, dysfunctional bully boy. Now everyone has seen how this shyster operates when he think he is behind closed doors.

My view is whatever happens he is toast. I just hope it wakes up a few tribal muppets to the real Sewer Party they have voted in three times in a row.

wv cycoali Is Campbell monitoring us?