Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The One That Is Reaching For His Tin Helmet. . .

So the Israelis are showing video footage of their soldiers being attacked with knives and, perhaps most shockingly, some plastic garden chairs. To be honest, I think the people on that ship can thank themselves lucky they weren't torpedoed.

Of course the whole thing could have been avoided if the IDF hadn't boarded the ships in international waters with a heavily armed assault team in an act which looks suspiciously like piracy to me.

Yes of course the Israelis have the right to security and not having rockets lobbed over their borders every ten minutes.

No the Israelis do not have the right to occupy the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Yes the Palestinians have the right to basic standards of living, food, water, power, etc, etc.

No the Palestinians don't have the right to lob missiles into residential areas whenever the mood takes them.

A plague on both their houses. Perhaps if both sides decided to stop electing arseclowns who seem to do nothing but whip the swivel eyed and terminally hard of thinking into a frenzy at every available opportunity, and stop winding the other side up, we might see some headway.

I really couldn't give a pair of dingo's kidneys who started it, who perpetrated what atrocity, or what the nasty man said or did.

Just piss off and leave the rest of us alone, will you? Stop funding Israel and stop funding Palestine. Unfortunately I get the feeling that if the international community cut both sides out completely, we'd go back in twenty years to find the whole area reduced to a pile of rubble whilst a group of raggedy clothed idiots with matted hair and beards down to their knees beat the shit out of each other with sticks because they'd run out of everything else.

Sympathy for either side at Chateau Snowolf? Somewhere between sod all and naff all.

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