Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I hope you enjoy going to bed at 6 o'clock.

I blogged the other day about the moves by the German greens to jump on the quake and tsunami and impose their vision on the country.

Well, guess what:

Germany has temporarily shut down seven of its nuclear power plants while it reconsiders its nuclear strategy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said that all reactors operational before 1980 would be taken offline, and safety checks carried out on the remaining plants.

The move comes after concerns about radiation leaks at a Japanese plant after last Friday's earthquake.

Yeah, because Germany is regularly rocked by earthquakes and you can't get around Hamburg because of all the tsunamis that hit it.

Look, these stations have been in a massive quake, and have been hit by an enormous tsunami, and five days later they still haven't gone bang. Bloody hell, how much safer do you want them to be?

Salted Slug has the tech nerd details over at his gaff. He intends to swim over and declare himself King of Fukushima. I intend to use a motorboat so I can beat him to the punch.

The green lobby really won't be happy until we're living in yurts and using tallow candles, the health nazis won't be happy until we start getting diagnosed with cases of the vapours brought on by bad air creating a miasma. We've seen Concorde scrapped and the space shuttles decommissioned.

Why the hell are we moving backwards? Is this what is meant by the term 'progressive'?

Give me strength.


The Filthy Engineer also has a decent idea of what he's talking about. 


The BBC's disappointment is almost tangible here.

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Katabasis said...

The register has an excellent comprehensive article on the matter.

Meanwhile the BBC spews out its most blatant piece of propaganda that I've yet seen.

I sympathise entirely with how you feel - its as if the Western world has purposefully gone stark staring insane.