Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cardinal Fang, fetch the comfy chair.

Salted Slug and Devil's Kitchen have written about the astonishing article from George Monbiot today where he comes out in favour of nuclear power. His logic is that a fairly old station, still standing having been rocked by an earthquake, then stuck its tongue out and thumbed its nose at a tsunami that tried to wash it from the face of the Earth, and is still not killing everyone on the east coast of Japan. That means that nuclear power is probably as safe as we're going to get.
Welcome to land of common sense, George.

I fear for you though. This is a heresy. The Inquisitors are bearing down on you as I write this, capes flapping behind them as they run down the road, sinister music playing in the background. They will come for you, oh yes. You were one of them, and now you're a heretic.

How do I know this?

Simple. The BBC says so.

Oh, I really should stop going to their website, but I'm lazy and picking them apart is such good fun.

What have they been up to today?

The survey, commissioned by Friends of the Earth from GfK NOP, polled 1,000 people by phone over the weekend, a week after Japan's crisis began.

1,000 people? That must have taken minutes. Hold the phones! That's a big old section of society polled there. Do I detect a whiff of opportunism here?
"This poll shows that the government's plans for a major expansion of nuclear power in the UK are out of step with public opinion," said Craig Bennett, director of policy and campaigns for Friends of the Earth UK.

Well colour me surprised. Firstly, what are the odds of a poll commissioned by FOTE finding out exactly what they wanted? Secondly, the government are out of step with public opinion on pretty much every subject you care to name.
"People want clean and safe energy - the government needs to urgently refocus its energy policy, starting by improving the weak energy saving measures within its new Energy Bill."

Well, yes. You neglected to include cheap and reliable with clean and safe. Again it is stating the bleeding obvious. Question: Would you like clean and safe energy? Answer: Oh, yes please, that would be lovely.
What was the other question? I'm betting it was something along the lines of: Question: Japanese power stations could well spew out lethal amounts of radiation, meaning babies are born with six legs and no genitals and transforming crested newts into Godzilla, prowling the Japanese countryside, bent on destruction and the hits of Mario Lanza, does it worry you that the same could happen in Dungeness? Answer: Well, a bit. But it's better than coal though, innit?

So what were these figures that have so discredited the government's nuclear building programme?

More Britons support the building of new nuclear power stations than oppose it, despite the crisis at Japan's Fukushima plant, an opinion poll says.
Still, 35% either strongly or slightly support a programme to replace the UK's existing reactors, with 28% either strongly or slightly opposed.
So that's 37% don't know/don't care. Then comes in the pro-nuclear crowd. Then the anti-nuclear crowd.

Yes. When people say 'less is more' it isn't statistical analysis, you know. Less doesn't really mean more.

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