Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The One That Is Bloody Fed Up. . .

I was going to blog about the story that drinking even a pint of beer a day or somesuch will make you die of horrible cancer, but Salted Slug beat me to it and stated a very eloquent case.

Just as a general point I would say there is nothing offensive about death per-se. A young thug picking up old women and impaling them on spiked railings is offensive, just dying isn't.

I will die, you will die, everyone will die. If we're lucky it won't happen all at the same time.

If I don't die of smoking cancer, I will die of drinking cancer, or eating meat cancer, or eating vegetables cancer, or sitting down and having a nice cup of tea cancer, or going outside into the fresh-air cancer, or herpes, or something. I am confident that when I do die, it won't be of old age, or natural causes. Not because I won't be old and die in my bed, but because by that time it will be law that death has to be attributed to a definite cause. Our bodies will not be allowed to get old and just wear out.

Cars get old and wear out, their bodywork will be dented and scratched, a number of minor repairs and replacements will have been made, perhaps even one or two major problems will have been resolved. An old car may be condemned because a big end has gone, or a foo-foo valve has blown, but really, it is just an old car which is worn out and dead.

We are the same. Why are people so offended by the idea that we are mortal and have a limited time on this Earth? Just enjoy it, don't spend your time worrying about how it will end for you. Is it that you think you are so important that you should be immortal? (Mummy Longlegs touches on this in a very sensitive, sensible fashion)

People are born, people grow up, people get old, people die. Deal with it.

And whilst we're at it, just fucking leave me the fuck alone won't you?



Constantly Furious said...

Dude, your links have gone, like, wierd.

(you make some good points, though).

Snowolf said...

So they did, how queer.

Sorted now.