Friday, 15 May 2009

The One That Has Been Tagged. . .

Leg-Iron has been good enough (?) to nominate me in the eight pointless things about me wossname going around at present, so here goes:

1: My Alaskan Malamute dog (from whom I get my pseudonym) is currently bare-arsed following surgery after she managed to rupture both cruciate ligaments within four weeks of each other.

2: I really must buy a venetian blind today to put up in my spare room.

3: I really must get a haircut today because. . .

4: . . . I have a job interview next week.

5: I support a football team that could very well not be in existence come the start of next season.

6: I'm utterly devoted to cider. Biddenden Cider being the finest example of an English cider, Kentish cider >>>>>>>>>>> all other English cider. Norman cider >>>>>>>>>>> Kentish cider. And those are cider FACTS.

7: Despite being in my early 30's, I do not own an Oasis album. I hate them.

8: I love heavy rain and thunder storms.

Right so; I tag The Salted Slug, Henry North London, Mac The Knife and The Filthy Engineer because he can't still be arseing around on a boat somewhere, and needs to pull his finger out.

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